Saturn Drive Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee
Two Languages - One Heart, One Faith

Welcome to Saturn Drive Baptist Church, THE COMMUNITY CHURCH, where people from English speaking cultures and Spanish speaking cultures experience the joy of worshiping and working together through our shared faith in Jesus Christ.  We offer Bible study and worship in both English and Spanish.  Our morning worship service is conducted in English while our evening worship is in Spanish.  Since most of our members are not bi-lingual, we use translation headsets where needed so we can participate in both services.  Affirming our oneness in Christ, we enjoy an atmosphere of warmth and genuine friendship that helps us grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.  We celebrate with one another in times of joy and encourage one another in times of trial.   We are truly of one heart and one faith.

Our vision is to continue building a strong community of faith where people of all races and cultures worship and work together with genuine love for one another in the bond of Jesus Christ.  We value understanding, respect, and acceptance of one another. 
Is God leading you to join us?

Let us hear from you.